CCTV & Security Systems in Plymouth

Our CCTV camera installation company with the expertise needed to help you keep your home or business secure and protect your family and property.

We are able to fit CCTV cameras indoor or out, with ip video cameras that record digital images which have the option to be viewed remotely over the internet on an iphone, ipad or pc with suitable encryption.

Adtec Systems are able to provide CCTV systems which meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as commercial retail premises, industrial sites, educational establishments and offices.

CCTV can be simple or complex, for example to identify individuals or vehicles, to alert an operator to the presence of an individual using motion control or to visually patrol a pre-defined area and record every minute.

Once objectives have been agreed, an appropriate mix of system components can be recommended.


We can provide the following services;

  • CCTV Installations
  • IP Security Camera Systems
  • CCTV System Upgrades
  • IP CCTV 3G Mobile

As most security solutions and installations need to be personalised to each client's exact needs, we recommend a full discussion of your particular requirements.